A little about me…

Welcome Friends! My name is Ashley. I am a wife, mother to a beautifully rambunctious little girl, a pup named Stella and a couple of friendly felines. Prior to earning my badge of motherhood, I spent my days as an animal trainer and zoo educator training birds for free-flight shows and sharing my passion for wildlife with zoo visitors of all ages.

This is me back in the day… ash-franco-2

During this time, I met countless families and noticed two things. First, I was a bit unsettled by how many families came for a fun day together and instead, the kids ran around wildly excited while their parents followed behind them not engaged at all but rather completely consumed by their smart phones. I also observed the converse of this interaction, where parents who had spent a pretty penny and were excited to share a new experience with their children were disheartened to find that their children only fussed and cried until they were allowed to play with a phone or tablet, meanwhile completely missing the fun of visiting a zoo!

Second, the families without their electronics enjoyed an exciting and engaging visit. They learned more about the world around them, and shared memorable moments of pure wonder and awe as their child’s eyes lit up, they grinned from ear to ear and all the while their parents stood by beaming with pride and joy.

Now in this new season of life, I have taken my passion for sharing the natural world with people and desire to bring families together to create Wonder and Awe. Life should be fun! My hope is that this blog will provide some inspiration, information and ideas on how to bring your family together by unplugging and connecting with each other through the natural world.