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6 Awesomely Fun Outdoor Games for Families

Summertime. Is there really anything better?

After long cold months, you get to reconnect with friends, family and neighbors. On any given weekend you can find shared conversations over the grill, laughter in the backyard, and all while silliness and fun abound. Outdoor parties, barbecues and cookouts are commonplace, as the outdoors become a place for gathering in the spirit of fun and relaxation.

This atmosphere creates the perfect place to create family memories and traditions. The backyard is where childhood takes place. Before your next outdoor gathering, set up some of these awesomely fun outdoor games that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

  1. Lawn Twister
    Prior to your outdoor party, using a circular stencil and 4-5 different colors of spray paint, create parallel rows of colored circles on your lawn to construct your twister board. If you have a twister spinner use that to determine which limb and color each player should touch next. If not, create your own using two wooden dice or simply pull the next move from a hat.
  2. Cornhole
    This is a fun game for kids and adults alike. Let the kids pick their partner to play this lawn game staple. You can even get the kids involved in helping to personalize your set of boards to support your favorite team or match your party décor.
  3. Towel Run
    This is a great game for kids of all ages, even toddlers will love this. The towel run works especially well if you have a large grassy area, but can also work in a smaller space, (just be sure to keep an eye on your little one, as it is easy to roll off around turns). Gather one towel (beach towels work best but regular towels will also get the job done) for each parent/child team. Have the child sit on one end and hold onto the towel, while the parent holds the other end in their hands (be sure to get a good grip). Then it’s on your mark, get set, go!
  4. Water Gun Laser Tag
    Does anyone else remember laser tag from their childhood? Well it was always a blast, so here is an adapted version for your backyard. You will need safety pins, large white paper napkins, water guns, and food coloring. First fill the water guns with colored water (one color for each team), then pin a napkin to each player (back, belly or both). Next see which team can outwit the other in this twist on a traditional water gun fight. If you get hit (your white napkin is now the color of the dyed water) you are out. The last person or team standing wins!
  5. Towel Volleyball
    First, put up a volleyball or badminton net in your yard. Then divide your group into two teams, then divide each team into partners. Each pair of partners will get a towel. In this version of volleyball, each team must throw the ball back and forth using only the towels.
  6. Chalkboard Pictionary
    Create an outdoor chalkboard along a fence or the side of your house, add a bucket of sidewalk chalk, then get creative. If a chalkboard just isn’t feasible, pin up a long piece of craft or butcher paper and set out crayons or colored pencils. Then work together as a family to create a mural for your wall.

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