St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Spring is upon us! Although the air may still be chilly, signs of spring are beginning to pop up everywhere. So this St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate whether you are Irish or not, by donning your green and heading outdoors on a rainbow scavenger hunt!

This is a great activity for kids of all ages. Toddlers and preschool age children can use this as a tool for learning colors, while older kids will have fun seeing how many different things they can identify, or even competing with siblings or friends to see who can find the most items that match the colors of the rainbow!

To complete the scavenger hunt you will need two things: first, your list and second, your trusty binoculars. For a fun twist you can make a pair of rainbow binoculars out of two empty toilet paper rolls, colorful paper or paints, and some string. For a complete tutorial visit Crafty Morning.


Photo Credit: Michelle McKinley via Crafty Morning

Use this sheet as a template for the scavenger hunt list or get creative and make your own. Some colors are more difficult to identify and may require out of the box thinking. Below, I have listed a few ideas for each color in case a little jumps start is needed. Be open and curious, you never know what you may find!


See below for scavenger hunt color matching ideas:

Red: robin, cardinal, roses, berries, rooster

Orange: sunrise, sunset, butterflies, carrots, fish

Yellow: finch, dandelion, tulips, chicks, ducklings

Green: grass, trees, clover, frog, caterpillar

Blue: Sky, Water, hyacinths, blue bird or jay, forget me not flowers

Violet/Purple: pansies, azaleas, lavender, vegetables, iridescent beetles

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