Welcome to Wonder and Awe, a blog dedicated to bringing families together through the great outdoors! We may find ourselves running each day full steam ahead.  With the advent of technology, we find ourselves expecting everything to be instant. As families we have lost the ability to connect, not only with one another but with the world around us.  We should remember that we have a choice in how we live our day-to-day life.  This blog is about choosing to unplug from the outlet and instead plug into the natural world, along with our families to increase the quality of life we live.

Wonder and Awe is here to serve as a resource on everything outdoor related for families. You will find anecdotes and advice on parenting, information on wildlife, ideas for family travel and adventure, along with activities and craft ideas. With a focus on building an appreciation for nature and wildlife by spending more time outdoors engaging in a variety of activities and adventures. We strive to help strengthen family connections creating happier and healthier lifestyles together, that encourage a sense of wonder.